Jump Over the Wall  
Jump Over The Wall
Biographical Workshop for Women
on the Transition Period
Cracow, Poland, 11th till 19th June 2011
The aim of the workshop is to learn the most recent history of Europe from the perspective of biographies. Its aim also is to present the history from the perspective of women, who are usually seen as passive participants and not as main actors of historical transformations.
The transition period has evoked lots of changes: it has created a lot but also has destroyed a lot, the reorientation of people from both East and West was difficult. The workshop will deal with positive and hope-giving sides of the history of transformation.
Participants of the workshop will learn from each other in which way political changes happened in their biographies. Especially older women are invited as providers of historical knowledge. The group of women of different age, from both East and West will allow to experience the most recent history of Europe in a direct and personal way, from the perspective of individual biographies of the participants.
Costs of participation at this workshop, accomodation and the travel costs are fully covered by the EU sources for 15 women from the EU countries (except Poland), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, Croatia, Macedonia or Switzerland.
Deadline for applying is 28h of February 2011
Contact person: 
Ms. Justyna Sienkiewicz
tel. +48-12- 430 19 70
This project has been founded by the European Commission, GRUNDTVIG Workshop Programme

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